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Most of our scheduled classes are regular CrossFit classes, meaning you will see all fitness levels in any one of these classes and everyone is welcome to attend.  The class begins with a predetermined warmup, instructional work followed by a workout and a cool down.  The athletes will be in and out of the gym in an hour. For those who would prefer one on one training to start we also offer Personal OnRamp Training.


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If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, play or compete in a sport at a high level,
willing to put in the hard work to dominate your craft. This is the place for you!
3 Phase performance training that build on proper movement patterns that improve ones ability to reach maximum
potential in athletics.
Register for one phase or all three. Designed for the student athlete.



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Journey to Jacked....

CrossFit DV Jacked in June Nutrition Challenge


Jacked in June Nutrition Challenge is here and we couldn't be more excited! The challenge will last 4 weeks and will incorporate some VERY basic food measuring based off of a template we provide you when you sign up.  The template will have a selected foods list that you will pick from with a portion and food guide based on YOUR body size and YOUR lifestyle. Through the course of the challenge you will have the opportunity to learn more about the foods you eat,  how to properly fuel your body, and basic weighing and measuring. We will also be testing a workout at the beginning and end of the challenge as another way to measure your progress!

Along with the template we will be tracking daily points through our Zenplanner App a handy tool to help track your progress, points and see where you're at on the leaderboard!! You will also get points for specific workouts being completed and little "jacked and tan" challenge.  If tracking points stresses you out- don’t worry you can still participate and be a part of the fun!

As always - we will come up with some fun prizes and incentives. The biggest one obviously being the compliments you will get on that family summer vacay!!

Registration and Start Process

Registration is through Zenplanner and you do not need to be a member of CFDV family (non members can sign up for the template only but will miss out on all the prizes and great workouts). When registering be sure to enter an email that you check often, it is here you will be emailed a link to fill out a simple form to let us know how to customize your template. There will be a Nutrition Seminar on Saturday May 26th for all participants at 10am after the morning class. It is here they can get the overview of the templates and have questions answered. Fitness testing will be done on June 1st here at CFDV at 5:30 (or make other arrangements with Phil). Then let the fun begin!!

Signing Up

You must sign up to Jacked in June through Zenplanner to attend the seminar. If you already have an accont with CrossFit DV and Zenplanner its simple, either online or through the kiosk at the gym select membership options and chose Jacked in June, it will charge you $70.

If you do not have an account please go to www.crossfitdv.com and click shop membership, select Jacked in June and follow the prompts.

Please see frequently asked questions for more details.



Frequently Asked Questions

How it works?

Upon signing up you will need to attend the informational seminar on Saturday May 26th at 10am. It is there you will fill out a form selecting your current weight range. Don't stress.  All of the templates are set up for you to lose weight or at least lean out because we’re looking to get JACKED! Your template will be a guideline for you to follow over the course of 4 week. We will be providing weekly updates to help educate you on how to adjust the template to your specific goals.

*Please note when you register sign up under your current weight bracket. NO ONE WILL SEE THIS SELECTION OTHER THAN PHIL AND CYNTHIA. This is only to ensure you receive the appropriate template that will benefit your the most and help reach your goals.

What If I don't Want To lose weight?

If you are someone that would like to maintain your current body weight or if you are an athlete that trains for more that 2-2.5 hours in a day you can sign up for the performance option. These template will be more food to help sustain your current body weight or provide enough food to help you recover from your long training sessions.

How will it be scored?

Each day you will be scored on the following:

  • Each meal and if you followed your spreadsheet with recommended foods and measuring.

  • Daily workouts this will include other programs like Running, weight training, etc.

  • Water - Healthy amount of intake, not to much not to little

  • Sleep - yes, points for going to bed on time

  • Recovery - no over training

  • Weekly bonus points! - more info to come

Is this for me?

Weighing and measuring can seem very intimidating and time consuming. In the past challenges we have incorporated weighing and measuring and saw huge success with our members. But, our goal is to try and simplify tracking your food and  provide you with an easy sheet with what foods to eat and how much you should eat.

What will my food options be?

We will have a range of foods for you to pick from for each meal, depended on the template that will suit your lifestyle. You will select a protein, carb, veggie and fat from our recommended foods list. Anything off the list won't count for the days food- it's only 4 weeks you will survive without your coffee creamer : ) Here are SOME of the recommended food items you can expect to see, however some food templates will be much different if choosing Keto path.

Protein- Chicken, Turkey Breast, Fish, Egg Whites, and other meats 90% of leaner.  

Veggies- Broccoli, Spinach, Asparagus, Brussels Sprouts, Green Beans, Zucchini, Cauliflower and more!

Carbs-  Potatoes, Oatmeal, Rice, some Fruit etc.

Fats- Some cooking oils, raw nut butter, avocados, raw nuts etc.

- We will be incorporating some whey protein for post workout only.

- We will not be consuming dairy for the most part.

- Please note there will be more details with exact foods and servings when you sign up and receive your template!

What do I get when I sign up?

  • A custom template for your body size and goals

  • Weekly educational material

  • Access to private FB page for nutritional questions, recipes and videos

  • Support from your CFDV community

  • A chance to win some awesome prizes!

What Will I Need For The Challenge?

  • Body Weight Scale - I know I hate it too!

  • Food Scale

  • Measuring cups, and spoons

  • Measuring tape for your body

  • Tupperware for meal prepping

  • Daily diary or calendar to track your points

  • A positive attitude ready to dominate the next 4 weeks!

What If I Like The Way I Eat?

We support you all in anything you want to do. If you feel the way you are currently eating is working for you and you don’t need to change it- that’s OK! You can still be a part of the fun on the FB page and skip signing up for a template.

What If I’m A Vegetarian Or Vegan?

We will have some slight modifications with protein options for vegetarian, but don’t offer a Vegan options this time around.

What If I'm currently Breastfeeding?

Yes, you can still participate! You will just sign up for the performance option for your current body weight.

How long will registration be open for?

We will be closing ALL registration on Thursday May 24th at 11:45pm. Unfortunately we won't be able to complete registrations after this time.

What If I have a friend or family member that wants to participate, but is not a member of CFDV?

We would love for you to have your family and friends join you! The best way to have them participate is to sign up for Jacked in June through www.crossfitdv.com. If they just want to support you and eat similar they can sign up for a template via the website, but would miss out on the daily workouts, Zenplanner leaderboard, and be entered to win some of our awesome prizes.

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